Philip Moore

We’ve moved!
That’s right, we’ve moved, but first let me start off by saying a huge thank you to Etch!

Over the last year they’ve been kind enough to let us share their office space and borrow a couple of desks, their generosity and hospitality has been humbling (they’ve even had to put up with me in my cycling kit, for that alone medals should be awarded). We really wouldn’t be in the position we are today without them, so, to the whole team at Etch – Thank You!

In the next few months we’ll be looking for a Front-end/PHP/WordPress developer to join our team, before that can happen we wanted to have a space we could call our own.  There’s some decorating to do but for now here’s a quick snap of where we’re camping out.


Our new address is:

Hinge Ltd
6 Northlands Rd
SO15 2LF
02381 680 014


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